DIY| Magazine Art

DIY| Magazine Art


I’m a bit of a fashion magazine hoarder…It pains me to throw away Vogue, Haper’s Bazaar, and W Magazine. Last week, I changed apartments, yes, not moved, but changed. Same building and same floor. With moving comes the process of cleaning out all of the junk that some how seems to pile up. When I got to my collection of Korean fashion magazines, I started racking my brain for ways to save them. I knew they had to go since they were collecting dust, but if I could just save pieces and pages of the magazines. Well, a quick concoction of mod podge and a few small canvases later, I had myself some great art to add to my DIY gallery wall.

DIY| Magazine Art



DIY| Magazine Art


  1. Use the Exacto knife to cut pages out of the magazines. Make sure to cut as close to the spine as you can.
  2. Trim the magazine pages so they fit nicely on the canvas. I trimmed off the logos and words that were at the bottom.
  3. Coat the canvas in a layer of mod podge.
  4. Center a magazine page in the center of the gluey canvas.
  5. Apply a coat of mod podge on top of the magazine page and canvas.
  6. Let dry over night. The glue will be clear when it is completely dry.

DIY|Magazine Art




DIY| New Year’s Eve Photo Background

DIY| New Year's Eve Photo Background

For the longest time, I’ve had left over shiny gold fringe lying around my apartment (from this). Every once in a while I found a strand of gold on the floor. Seeing a shiny gold strand of fringe on the floor gave me the idea to make a fun photo background for New Year’s. I’ve seen tons of photo backgrounds around the Internet and wanted to try my hand at one! This background didn’t come out quite the way I imagined it to…(I drastically underestimated to amount of fringe needed!!).

DIY| Photo Background Supplies


  • A very big piece of paper
  • Shiny fringe
  • Double sided tape
  • Ruler (not in picture)
  • Pencil (not in picture)

DIY| Photo Background Steps

  1. Make guidelines on the paper. My lines are 6 inches apart.
  2. Put double-sided tape on top of your pencil lines. Make sure to work from bottom to top.
  3.  Press fringe onto the tape.
  4. Repeat until the paper is completely covered in fringe!! If you under estimated the amount of fringe needed, like I did, improvise and embrace the creative process!  😉

DIY|NYE Background

DIY| NYE Background

DIY| NYE Background

DIY| NYE Background

DIY: Necklace Frames

DIY| Jewelry Frames

I am a collector of all things sparkly! In particular, I love jewelry. I have tons of necklaces, earring, and bracelets. My statement necklaces are my favorite of all my gems. Most of my jewelry is hidden away in a closet, a trouble that comes with living in a small space. Statement necklaces are just too pretty to keep tucked away! The Necklaces , top, a Swellmayde DIY, middle, my favorite vintage re-vamp, bottom, apairandaspare DIY.



  • Canvas large enough to fit a necklace on it
  • Sewing findings (hook closures)
  • Needle and thread
  • Nails (optional)
  • Hammer (optional)


  1. Use a ruler to find the center of your canvas. Mark two marks about 10cm or 4in on either side of the canvas center.
  2. Place a clothing hook right on top of one mark. I made sure I could see the mark through the top hole. Sew the hook in place on the canvas. Repeat at the second mark.
  3. Optional: hammer a nail in each corner of the frame, this will add a bit of an industrial feel and some detail the frame.
  4. Open the hook so that you can easily hang your necklaces on them. You can do this with pliers, your fingers, a pencil, really anything you have on hand.

I placed these frames right by my desk! They are the perfect addition, they give me inspiration! The best part is that I can change the display whenever I want!

DIY| Jewelry Frame

DIY|Jewelry Frame

DIY: PVC Rhinestone Cuff

DIY|PVC Rhinestone

I love fashion magazines. I like flipping through the glossy pages and ogling over the clothes, shoes and accessories. I was flipping through a Korean fashion magazine, one after noon, and saw a close up picture of the wrist of one of the Dior models. She was wearing an acrylic and silver cuff with rhinestones all over the acrylic. I though to myself, ‘ I can totally make that!’ So, I set out on a mission, literally, I went into Seoul for my first adventure in Dongdaemun, aka Craft Heaven.Inspiration Supplies


  • PVC
  •  Aluminum tape
  • Rhinestones
  • Button studs
  • Glue
  • Multi hole punch
  • Scissors or exacto knifeDIY| PVC Rhinestone Cuff Steps 1-4
  1. Make a paper template that will comfortably fit around your wrist with an overlap for the closure. Mine is 6cm by 22cm, you can download the template here.
  2. Layout your bracelet by using the template. I marked where the aluminum tape and will be and my overlap for the closure.
  3. Use your template to cut the PVC. I found that using an exacto knife I much easier than scissors when cutting PVC.
  4. PVC Cut!DIY| PVC Rhinestone Cuff Steps 5-8
  5. Take the aluminum tape and tape it the PVC. You can either make little marks on the PVC or tape your template to the PVC to guide you in the tape placement.
  6. Now the fun part!! Layout your rhinestone pattern. Since the template and bracelet are identical in dimensions, use the template to layout the pattern.
  7. Time to start gluing. Tape down your PVC, this will help to flatten the PVC and prevent it from moving as you are gluing. Work from the middle out. Let the glue dry for a few hours or over night
  8. Punch two holes on each side of the PVC. On one side place the button studs. The studs will fit through the holes on the other side, creating your closure.

I love wearing this cuff over a long sleeve shirt! For me, I have been rather chilly at work with the air-con blasting.

DIY: Easy Desk Update

DIY easy desk update

Moving to a new apartment in a new country required a little furniture shopping. Well, with very little money to spend, digging through a used furniture store was very welcome. I’m not a fan of conventional desks, you know the ones with all the drawers and a key board tray. Honestly, they become filled with disorganized papers and office supplies rather quickly. I like multifunctional desks, like a desk that can work as a table. In a small apartment a desk that can do double time as a table is a diamond in the rough!

A $15 table and a little tape makes one stylish and functional workspace!

Desk Update: What you will need

What You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Electrical Tape
  • Aluminum tape
  • Ruler (not in picture)
  • Pencil (not in picture)

DIY desk update

DIY: Monogram Art

Monogram FestaI wanted to make a big ‘A’ for the center of my slowly growing gallery wall in my apartment in Korea. After scouring the Internet, I created an image in my head of what I wanted to make. A trip to the ‘craft store,’ more like hodge podge of school supplies, fake flowers, and an array of colored pens a papers store, made me realize that I would not be able to make exactly what I intended. Luckily, I came across some bags of gold fringy looking stuff. Well, some creative taping and a few weeknights of work later, I had a monogram, fiesta inspired, ‘A.’ Which has since taken center stage in my apartment. 

Monogram Festa suppliesMonogram Festa_step1 Monogram festa step3Monogram festa step5Monogram festa step7Monogram festa step9