DIY| Rhinestone Embellished Bracelet

DIY| Rhinestone Embellished Bracelet


Lately I’ve been stressed out and exhausted! Not DIYing for a week or two left me uninspired. It’s amazing how a short break can cause creativity to crash! I spent a good 30 minutes just staring at all of my rhinestones and chains thinking of something to make.  A few rhinestone patterns later, I had something that inspired me to bedazzle a simple bracelet I have hardly worn. Then the creativeness started flowing and I couldn’t keep up! So, I have quite a few fun DIY’s that  I’m excited about coming up!

DIY| Rhinestone Embellished BraceletSupplies


  1. Layout your rhinestone pattern and take a picture of it for reference.
  2. Take the rhinestone from the center of the pattern and put a dab of glue on the back.
  3. Working from the center out gluing the rhinestones to the bracelet.
  4. Once all the rhinestones are glued on, let them dry overnight.

DIY| Rhinestone Embellished Bracelet


DIY|Rhinestone Embellished Bracelet


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