DIY| Magazine Art

DIY| Magazine Art


I’m a bit of a fashion magazine hoarder…It pains me to throw away Vogue, Haper’s Bazaar, and W Magazine. Last week, I changed apartments, yes, not moved, but changed. Same building and same floor. With moving comes the process of cleaning out all of the junk that some how seems to pile up. When I got to my collection of Korean fashion magazines, I started racking my brain for ways to save them. I knew they had to go since they were collecting dust, but if I could just save pieces and pages of the magazines. Well, a quick concoction of mod podge and a few small canvases later, I had myself some great art to add to my DIY gallery wall.

DIY| Magazine Art



DIY| Magazine Art


  1. Use the Exacto knife to cut pages out of the magazines. Make sure to cut as close to the spine as you can.
  2. Trim the magazine pages so they fit nicely on the canvas. I trimmed off the logos and words that were at the bottom.
  3. Coat the canvas in a layer of mod podge.
  4. Center a magazine page in the center of the gluey canvas.
  5. Apply a coat of mod podge on top of the magazine page and canvas.
  6. Let dry over night. The glue will be clear when it is completely dry.

DIY|Magazine Art




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