DIY| Vintage Bracelet

DIY| Vintage BraceletI really love to take old pieces of jewelry and breathing new life into them by remaking them into something new. Being in Korea, a land of disposable goods and without my supply of vintage jewelry, I’ve really only been able to make piece from what I have found at places like Dongdaemun (post…here is a little about DIYing in Korea). I did bring a few vintage clip-on earrings and shoe clips with me. All of which I think I might have worn once over last 14 months. One of my favorite pairs of vintage clip-on were looking so lonely in my jewelry closet (um..yeah..closet..a story for another time). I got this brilliant idea to turn the earrings into a bracelet!! In my head it was just so simple…after some trial and error and glue-covered fingers, I managed a bracelet. Sorry for only 2 pictures of my steps. E6000 and a DSLR don’t mix!

DIY| Vintage BraceletSupplies

  • wire cutters
  • E6000
  • vintage earrings ( hereherehere)
  • large hoop earrings
  • paper clips, anything that clamps (optional)
  • a cylinder the earrings fit around (not in picture, optional)

DIY| Vintage Bracelet

  1. Use the wire cutters to remove earring posts and clips.
  2. Place the hoop earrings around the candle. Glob (literally) glue onto the back of the vintage earrings.  Position the hoop earrings on the vintage earrings and in the glob of glue. The candle is pushing the hoops into the glue and keeping everything in place. Let dry for at least 2 hours before glueing the other side. let the whole bracelet dry for 24 hours.

I know that is a lot to take in! It’s well worth the glueing pains!

DIY| Vintage Bracelet



3 thoughts on “DIY| Vintage Bracelet

  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous. Here’s hoping the snow holds off long enough for me to get supplies tomorrow!
    Looking forward to diving into your blog! I’m visiting you via the SITS Tribe! <2

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