DIY| Geometric Necklace

DIY| Geometric Necklace


January is proving to be an exhausting month for me! I have extra intensive English classes to teach and 6 day work weeks. Finding the time to cook, let alone craft has been difficult. So, here is a simple DIY necklace. I saw these great geometric pieces and knew I wanted to make a necklace that was simple and perfect to wear under shirt collars.

DIY| Geometric Necklace



  • geometric pieces(hereherehere)
  • chain
  • lobster claw
  • 2 large jumprings
  • 3 small jumprings
  • jewelry pliers

DIY| Geometric Necklace


  1. Cut chain into two pieces. Length depends on how long you want the necklace to be.
  2. Use a jumpring to connect the geometric pieces.
  3. Connect the chain with a jumpring.
  4. Use the larger jumpring to connect the lobster claw to the chain, and put the second jumpring on the end of the other chain.

DIY| Geometric Necklace


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