DIY| Radiant Orchid Bracelet

DIY| Radiant Orchid Bracelet


The first DIY of 2014! I didn’t want to do anything crazy, since the holidays left me exhausted! According to Pantone, the 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid. A very purple purple if you ask me! Being a girl that likes her neutral colors, I thought a bracelet with a pop of orchid tones would be just enough Radiant Orchid for me.

Radiant Orchid Pantone Color of the Year


Photo from Pantone

DIY| Radiant Orchid BraceletSupplies

  • Assortment of orchid embroidery floss
  • Chunky chain
  • Large lobster claw closure
  • 2 large jumprings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors
  • Tape (not in picture)

DIY| Radiant Orchid Bracelet

  1. Cut the chain so that it snuggly fits around you wrist. I used pliers to open and separate the chain links.
  2. Cut all the embroidery floss into 18in (45cm) pieces. Divide the string and tie together.
  3. Split each pile of sting in 3, for braiding. Wrap the ends with tape, this will make threading through the chain easier.
  4. Thread one strand through the chain. Then start a normal braid.
  5. Each time you pull a strand from the chain side of the braid make sure to thread it through the chain. This will incorporate the chain into the braid.  Keep the braid moderately loss. Tie off at the end of the chain
  6. Repeat the braid on the opposite side of the chain using the second pile of floss.
  7. Trim the extra floss.
  8. Use pliers to attach the one jumpring to the end of the chain and a jumpring with a lobster claw to the other end of the chain.

DIY| Radiant Orchid Bracelet


DIY| Radiant Orchid Bracelet


DIY| Radiant Orchid Bracelet


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