DIY| New Year’s Eve Photo Background

DIY| New Year's Eve Photo Background

For the longest time, I’ve had left over shiny gold fringe lying around my apartment (from this). Every once in a while I found a strand of gold on the floor. Seeing a shiny gold strand of fringe on the floor gave me the idea to make a fun photo background for New Year’s. I’ve seen tons of photo backgrounds around the Internet and wanted to try my hand at one! This background didn’t come out quite the way I imagined it to…(I drastically underestimated to amount of fringe needed!!).

DIY| Photo Background Supplies


  • A very big piece of paper
  • Shiny fringe
  • Double sided tape
  • Ruler (not in picture)
  • Pencil (not in picture)

DIY| Photo Background Steps

  1. Make guidelines on the paper. My lines are 6 inches apart.
  2. Put double-sided tape on top of your pencil lines. Make sure to work from bottom to top.
  3.  Press fringe onto the tape.
  4. Repeat until the paper is completely covered in fringe!! If you under estimated the amount of fringe needed, like I did, improvise and embrace the creative process!  😉

DIY|NYE Background

DIY| NYE Background

DIY| NYE Background

DIY| NYE Background


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