Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving, Christmas, the holidays. This time of year is always filled with love, family, and friends. The season of giving and cheer.

I have been living in Korea a year to the week. This time last year, I was disgustingly jetlagged (a 13 hour time difference will do that to you) and everything around me was new and exciting. I was talking to my family almost daily.

Now, a year later, I find myself truly missing my family, friends and holiday festivities back home. I miss seeing Christmas come to the mall, everyone discussing black Friday plans, and of course, dinner with the whole family. Being all the way around the world, in Asia, so far away from everyone leaves me feeling a bit lonely.

This is such a loving time of year. Being away from my amazing family and friends isn’t easy. But, it has taught me what a large and amazing role those close to me play in my life.

Today especially, Thanksgiving (in Korea), I am thankful and immensely grateful for all of the amazing friends and loving family I have in my life.


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