DIY| Leather and Spike Bracelet

Leather and Spikes

Last week, my friend and I took a morning trip to Dongdaemun, in Seoul, for some DIY supplies. We found a seller that had every different size, shape and color spike imaginable. Only allowing myself to spend the little cash I had in my wallet on supplies, I decided to pick up some small gold spikes. The spike turned out to be the perfect size for some leather strips I had laying around. I love when supplies effortlessly work together!

DIY| Leather and Spike SuppliesSupplies

  • Strips of leather (here)
  • Spikes studs (here, here)
  • Ribbon end clamps with loop
  • Large jewelry closure
  • Large jumprings
  • Medium jumprings (not in picture)
  • Multi-hole  Punch
  • E6000 (JR E-600 is a knock off I didn’t realize I was buying. At least it works!)

DIY|Leather and Spikes

  1. Cut leather so that it is a little bit smaller that the circumference of you wrist.
  2. Mark where you wan the spikes to go. I decided to have three spikes in the center of my bracelet, each 2cm apart.
  3. Punch holes in the leather at your marks.
  4. Put a small dab of glue in the ribbon end clamp. Put the end of the leather in the clamp and close. Repeat on the other end.
  5. DIY| Leather and SpikesSecure the spike studs into the leather.
  6. Use the jumprings to attach the jewelry closure to the ribbon clamps.


Leather and Spike Bracelet


DIY| Leather and Spike Bracelet


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