DIY| Emerald Bracelet

DIY| Emerald Bracelet


My last trip to get DIY supplies was short and sweet, I only pick-up about 30$ worth of rhinestones. When I was selected rhinestone, I couldn’t stop myself for going after large emerald green stones.  The rhinestones and some scrolling through a few of my Pinterest boards inspired me to the make this pretty little bracelet.

DIY| Emerald Bracelet



  • Large rhinestones (here and here)
  • Chunky chain (here and here)
  • Large jumprings
  • Eye headpins
  • Lobster claw closure
  • Round noes piles
  • Wire cutters

DIY| Emerald Bracelet


  1. Thread a headpin trough the holes in the back of a rhinestone. Trim and make a loop in the headpin. Repeat so that you have two loops on each side of the rhinestone. Repeat with all rhinestones.
  2. Connect the rhinestones by opening the headpin loops, thread the loops of another rhinestone on, and then close the loops. Repeat until all your rhinestones are connected. I’ll now have a pretty little rhinestone chain!
  3. Connect the chunky chain to the rhinestone loops with large jumprings.
  4. Connect the lobster claw to the chain with a jumpring.

DIY|Emerald Bracelet


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