DIY: Rhinestone Statement Necklace

DIY| Rhinestone Statement Necklace


The past few weeks I’ve been making and wearing simple jewelry, like this necklace. I had a jewelry free (and scarf free) weekend, which is a very very rare occurrence. Sunday night, I was inspired to make a nice shiny statement necklace. I wanted some thing I could wear over a collared shirt (check out my instagram).

DIY| Rhinestone Statement Necklace SuppliesSupplies

  • Rhinestone trim (here, here, here, and here)
  • Some Rhinestones
  • Colorful cord (just for fun!)
  • PVC
  • Jumprings
  • Medium end caps with closure
  • Strong glue (E-6000)

DIY|Rhinestone Statement Necklace

  1. Lay out your rhinestones and trim. Snap a picture of everything with your phone, this will help in the next step and the next day when you attach everything.
  2. Glue your rhinestone pattern to the PVC. Let dry over night, the glue needs to cure, no one wants rhinestones falling off!
  3. Thread the cord through the end of your trim. If you cannot thread the cord through the trim, put an end cap on the cord (look at the next step) and attach with a jumpring.
  4. Put some glue and the ends of the cord in the end cap. Let dry over night.
  5. DIY| Rhinestone Statement NecklaceAfter everything has dried. Trim the PVC around the rhinestones make sure to leave a little of the PVC exposed at the top. Poke two holes in the top of the PVC rhinestone design.
  6. Twist open your jumprings and attached the rhinestoned PVC to the trim. You’re done!!

DIY| Rhinestone Statement Necklace


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