DIY: Rhinestone Earrings

DIY| Rhinestone Earrings

Here in Korea the weather has been pretty wacky, there have been crazy temperature differences from day to night and day to day.  Most of my co-workers and students have been sick the past few weeks.  I’ve been pretty run down myself.  Now that I’m feeling a bit better, I find myself wanted to have a classy night out. Simple and classic rhinestone earrings paired with a black dress and simple necklace would be perfect for such a night out.

DIY Supplies| Rhinestone EarringsSupplies

  • Small chain
  • Rhinestones
  • 2 looped headpins
  • 2 earring hooks
  • Round noes pliers
  • Flat nose pliers (optional)
  • Wire cutters

DIY Steps| Rhinestone Earrings

  1. Pick out a few rhinestones for your earrings, I used a large drop and two small marquise rhinestones for mine. Thread the rhinestone onto the headpins.  Trim the headpin and make a loop using the round pliers to secure the rhinestones.
  2. Lightly bend the headpin using the rhinestones. I pushed the marquise rhinestones up. You are making the headpin into a smile shape.
  3. Cut your chain into four pieces. Mine are cut to 1 ½ inches (3cm).
  4. Use the round nose pliers to open the loops on the headpin and earring hook just enough to thread the chain on.  Thread one end of the chain on the headpin and the other on the earring hook loop. Once the chain is on the loop, close the loop with the round noes pliers.  Make sure to have two pieces of chain attached to the earring hook.

DIY| Rhinestone Earrings


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