DIY: Necklace Frames

DIY| Jewelry Frames

I am a collector of all things sparkly! In particular, I love jewelry. I have tons of necklaces, earring, and bracelets. My statement necklaces are my favorite of all my gems. Most of my jewelry is hidden away in a closet, a trouble that comes with living in a small space. Statement necklaces are just too pretty to keep tucked away! The Necklaces , top, a Swellmayde DIY, middle, my favorite vintage re-vamp, bottom, apairandaspare DIY.



  • Canvas large enough to fit a necklace on it
  • Sewing findings (hook closures)
  • Needle and thread
  • Nails (optional)
  • Hammer (optional)


  1. Use a ruler to find the center of your canvas. Mark two marks about 10cm or 4in on either side of the canvas center.
  2. Place a clothing hook right on top of one mark. I made sure I could see the mark through the top hole. Sew the hook in place on the canvas. Repeat at the second mark.
  3. Optional: hammer a nail in each corner of the frame, this will add a bit of an industrial feel and some detail the frame.
  4. Open the hook so that you can easily hang your necklaces on them. You can do this with pliers, your fingers, a pencil, really anything you have on hand.

I placed these frames right by my desk! They are the perfect addition, they give me inspiration! The best part is that I can change the display whenever I want!

DIY| Jewelry Frame

DIY|Jewelry Frame


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