DIY: Shourouk Inspired Earrings

DIY| Shourouk EarringsI don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been loving Shourouk jewelry, and bags.  I even made a hot pink PVC bag with colored rhinestones. Sorry, DIY steps, I was just to excited to take pictures as I was crafting. Shourouk being waaay out of my price range, I got a little crafty!! Luckily I just bought some fun green nail polish, which looks great on my nails and was perfect for this project!

DIY| Shourouk Earrings


  • Fun colored nail polish
  • Rhinestones
  • PVC
  • Earring posts with butterfly backs
  • Glue

DIY| Shourouk Earrings

1.Lay out your rhinestones into a pattern you like.

2. Select a few rhinestones for painting. I took three from each earring. Paint two coats and let dry.

3. Glue your rhinestone pattern, with painted rhinestones, to the PVC. Use an exacto knife to trim away extra PVC.

4. Flip the earring over and glue on the earring post. Let the earring dry over night.


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