DIY: Friendship ‘Bangle’

DIY| Friendship 'Bangle'

This summer I’ve been in love with wearing bright jewelry, especially bracelets!! I found some fantastic friendship bracelets and was soo excited to wear them, but I didn’t want to commit to wear the bracelets long term. I feel like once you tie on a friendship bracelet it is almost impossible to get them off without scissors. There is no commitment required with this solution.



  • Pre-made friendship bracelet
  • Small/medium cord
  • Embroidery floss
  • Glue
  • Medium cord caps
  • Needle (not in picture)


  1. Cut the cord so that it fits around your wrist. Burn the ends of the cord to prevent fraying.
  2. Thread the need with embroidery floss
  3. Sew the two long sides of the friendship bracelet around the cord.
  4. Cut the ends of the friendship bracelet the match the length of the cord. Put a little glue in the cord cap and push in the cord and friendship bracelet ends.

*If you would like to add some rhinestones, sew them on the bracelet before you stitch it around the cord.

Out of all of the grown up friendship bracelets I’ve made, this one is by far my favorite! So much so that I made three and wear at last one everyday!!

DIY|Friendship 'Bangle'DIY|Friendship 'Bangle'


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