DIY: Dsquared Inspired Sunglasses

DIY| Dsquared Inspired SunglassesI saw these Dsquared sunglasses and immediately fell in love! Now I don’t know about you, but my last pair of sunglasses cost a whooping $15.  I love sparkle, so bedazzling some sunglasses was the better and more wallet friendly option!



  • Sunglasses with a clear frame
  • Rhinestones
  • Strong Glue (E6000 would be perfect)

DIY| Dsquarded sunglasses steps

  1. Layout your rhinestone pattern
  2. Roll two pieces of paper and slid them in the glasses. This will level the front of the sunglasses, making gluing easy.
  3. Places some tape on the lenses of the glasses. No one wants to be looking through glue on a sunny day!
  4. Start gluing the rhinestones from the outside and work into the middle of the sunglasses. (Sorry I have no pictures! I was really excited to finish this project) If your glue is on the thinner side, use a hair dryer to set the glue. Alternate between sides of the sunglasses to keep your pattern symmetrical. Let your glasses dry over night. (For my, waiting for them to dry was the worst part!)

Every time I wear these sunglasses I think of this Harry Winston quote, “ People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

DIY| Dsquared SunglassesDIY| Dsquared SunglassesDIY|Dsquared Sunglasses


4 thoughts on “DIY: Dsquared Inspired Sunglasses

  1. I’m loving your blog! Seriously, this stuff is fantastic – I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sunnies. I hope you’re loving your time out there!

    Best, B

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