DIY: Braided Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet


Yesterday, I was waiting for the repairman to arrive (which he never did, grrr). I was getting board, so I pulled out my rhinestones and embroidery floss with no idea of what to make. I love unplanned DIY’s! I ended up with this great little bracelet! Best part, it’s super easy!!


  • Embroidery floss
  • Rhinestones
  • Lobster claw and chain
  • Needle and thread
  • 2 jump rings


1. Take a whole knot of embroidery floss and cut it into as many about 8-inch pieces as you can. Knot the string.
2. Divide the strings into 3 parts and start braiding. Braid enough to fit around your wrist. Knot the end.
3. Twist open a jump ring and thread it through a few strings in the knot on one end of the bracelet. Place the lobster claw on the jump ring and twist closed.
4. Sew the rhinestones to the middle of the braided bracelet. I started with the middle stone and worked in one direction then the other.

This is such a simple projects it take maybe 15 minutes and the result is a cute little bracelet that would make a great present!DIY| Braided Rhinestone BraceletDIY|Braided Rhinestone


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