DIY: Origami Garland

DIY| Origami Garland

I had a blank wall behind my TV and had no idea what to do with it. I didn’t want to spend money on a piece of art, who knows how long I’ll be living in Korea. I racked my brain and scoured Pinterest for ideas. Then, an idea popped into my head, an origami garland! Brilliant! Nice and easy project, and best of all I knew I could find could find all the supplies at my local ‘craft’ (more like office) supply store.  Well, I’m in love with the results! The garlands are subtle enough that they do not over power my small space and bold enough to make a statement!

DIY| Origami Garland Supplies


–       Shiny origami paper

–       Twine

–       Pushpins

DIY| Origami Garland Steps

  1. Take the origami paper, pick a pattern, and start folding! I made tones of inflatable origami balls, they are nice and easy to make. I originally was thinking of making origami cranes…that would have taken forever!!
  2. Make your origami looking pretty and ready for stringing!
  3. Start stringing the origami. I used a metal chopstick to help get the origami on the string. Make sure to tie a knot under each piece to make sure they don’t slide down the string. Make as many strands as you like!
  4. Use the pushpin to attach the garlands of origami to your ceiling. And you’re done!

The origami garland looks great as wall art, like I have it. They would also make an awesome room divider, chic and easy to make!


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