DIY: Birthday Crown

Lusting for Lavish | DIY Birthday Crown

So, Saturday is my birthday. Sadly, I have to be at work for a fair. I usually don’t like to make a big deal out of my birthday, a nice quiet dinner with close friends is the perfect celebration. I was wandering around the Internet one day, a month or so ago, and saw this post with tons of ideas for birthday/party crowns! Now, how cute are those birthday crowns!! My personal favorite, the wire crown! Those crowns inspired me to make my own birthday crown, which I do plan to wear on my birthday! You’re probably thinking, ‘This girls is cuckoo for coco puffs, wearing a crown to work!’ I work with elementary age kids, so being a dork and wearing a crown is more silly than crazy! Right?

DIY | Birthday Crown Supplies


-Malleable craft wire

-Plenty of jump rings

-Teardrop crystal beads (mine are from an old Christmas garland)

-Flat nose pliers

-Wire cutters

-Round nose pliers (optional)

DIY | Birthday Crown Steps

Bobby pin that crown down and wrap your hair around and you are good to go!!

Lusting for Lavish | Birthday Crown


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