DIY: Easy Desk Update

DIY easy desk update

Moving to a new apartment in a new country required a little furniture shopping. Well, with very little money to spend, digging through a used furniture store was very welcome. I’m not a fan of conventional desks, you know the ones with all the drawers and a key board tray. Honestly, they become filled with disorganized papers and office supplies rather quickly. I like multifunctional desks, like a desk that can work as a table. In a small apartment a desk that can do double time as a table is a diamond in the rough!

A $15 table and a little tape makes one stylish and functional workspace!

Desk Update: What you will need

What You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Electrical Tape
  • Aluminum tape
  • Ruler (not in picture)
  • Pencil (not in picture)

DIY desk update


One thought on “DIY: Easy Desk Update

  1. OMG Allie, I love this idea! I would totally do this, except my desk is always a mess and no one would ever see it! I am visiting you from our SITS tribe, although I see I am automatically signed in under my wordpress blog (I have 3 blogs!). You can find me at . I love the set up of your blog, looks very clean. I am new to wordpress, still trying to figure it all out!

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