Welcome to Korea

Well, it has been far far far to long!! My life went through a bit of a change over the last two months. I moved to South Korea and started tteaching English to young Korean children. Quite a bit of adjusting and settling in had to be done! New country, new culture, new empty apartment, new job, new friends. Yeah, a whole lot of NEW.

Ok, instead of me rambling on about my life, lets run through a few instagram pics.

But first, a video of my apartment right after I moved in!

This video was taken about 5 minutes after arriving in my apartment in Korea…

Apartment Before…After soon to come!!

Apartment in Korea

korean coffee

This was my first cup of coffee in Korea. Got it at a convenient store during my very stressful week of training.

street food

A little adventure to find street food in Seoul, successful outcome I would say!

snow 1

Snow from my apartment window!!

snow 2

No really, snow, and a lot of it.

snow 3Ok, for a country that gets snow in the winter you would think people would use shovels not brooms!!

asian food

My first home cooked meal.

christmasI had my students color Christmas stockings!!

octopusVery late night or morning meal in a tent on the street at 6am…

chickenThis is chicken, right? Yes….found out later it was chicken butt hole

breadMy apartment does not have an oven, yet I managed to make bread. Yes, you can make bread in a toaster oven!!

white christmasOne snowy Christmas in Korea!


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