DIY: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleeping Mask

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me! I’ve been booking flights to South Korea and from Korea to Thailand for a wedding in January, getting my South Korean work visa (picking it up tomorrow!!), and trying to get myself all pack and ready to go on my year long trip to South Korea to teach English.

In my pre-trip shopping, I picked up a sleeping mask, something much needed for a nice long 13 ½ hour flight. The plan black mask seemed a little drab to me, so Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired sleeping mask anyone?!


Sleeping Mask  – I like this one because it has little pillows under the eyes that keep all the light out!

Eyelashes – these are some full lashes, but any fake lases will work…have any left over from Halloween

Fabric, trim, thread, fabric glue (optional) and iron on decals can all be found at your local craft store or fabric store.

DIY | Breakfast at Tiffany's Mask


  1. Trace the mask. I like to use kids sidewalk chalk, it adds a nice seam allowance around the outside of the mask.
  2. Notch the outside curves and clip the inside curves. Remember that middle school sewing class!
  3. Iron down the edges. This is why you clipped and notched! Feel free to add more clips and notched as you iron, I did!
  4. Cut the iron on decal so you have two ‘U’ shapes. Then iron them on to the maskDIY | Breakfast at Tiffany's Mask
  5. Sew on those big eyelashes. Loop around the top (the part you glue to your lashes).
  6. Sew the fabric onto the mask. You could also use fabric glue instead of sewing.
  7. Sew or glue gold trim around the outside of the mask.
  8. You’re Finished!!!

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