Spot the Look-A-Like

I have an obsession with jewelry; I love making trinkets (there will be plenty of jewelry DIY’s to come!!), and collecting baubles.  Yet, my budget is pennies not dollars!  I’ve developed a knack for finding cheap look-a-likes for expensive baubles.

Can you pick out the expensive jewelry??


Although sometime I do wish I could afford the expensive gems, I often find myself liking the imitations better than the expensive pieces.

Lets see how you did…

  1. (left) Forever 21 $4.80 / (right) Lulu Frost $190
  2. (left top) J.Crew $138 / (right) Forever 21 $19.80
  3. (left) Forever 21 $7.80 / (right) J.Crew $85
  4. (top) Bauble Bar $32 / (bottom) J.Crew $98
  5. (left top) BaubleBar $24 / (right bottom) Marc by Marc Jacobs $118
  6. (left bottom) J. Crew $128 / (right top) Forever 21 $19.80

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